Beekeeping is an enjoyable hobby and is great for pollination on allotments. Everyone needs some help and advice from time to time and these links are intended to assist with that.


Ideally each beekeeper manages their colonies to minimize swarming but for bees swarming is their natural reproduction so can be difficult to stop entirely. Beekeepers should have the time and skills to collect their own swarms.

British Beekeepers Association swarm advice

Getting Started

Local Guide


Training – Good basic training is a great way to start beekeeping

Northumberland College – Kirkley Hall Campus – An Introduction to Beekeeping -

Stamfordham Ltd. -

Ian Wallace -

Pets and Disease

National Bee Unit – BeeBase -

Regional Bee Inspector (contact if a notifiable pest/disease is suspected) - Ian Molyneux  -  e-mail - ian.molyneux [at]

Local Associations

Newcastle Beekeepers Association


BBKA Alnwick -

BBKA  Hexam -

BBKA  Durham -

BBKA Cleveland -

National Association

British Beekeepers Association - -


British Beekeepers Association -

Beekeeping Forum  -


Reactions vary from slight swelling to anaphylactic, advice on prevention, management and emergency actions are given here

Reference sites

Dave Cushman -